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Marinefire is a manufacturer and international distribuitor.

Competitively priced fire protection systems for yachts, working boats and commercial ships

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Marinefire, is a manufacturer and international distribuitor of reliable, competitively priced fire protection systems for yachts, working boats and commercial ships.

Marinefire offers a complete range of high quality fire suppression and detection systems, including: Clean Agents (halon replacement) HFC-227 and NOVEC 1230; pre-engineered manual and automatic fire suppression systems; custom designed engineered fire suppression systems; fire detection; A60 fire dampers; control & shutoff dampers and mist eliminators. All Marinefire systems are approved by the relevant certifying bodies, including: US Coast Guard, MED/Shipswheel, Lloyds-MCA, RINA and CE (PED & TPED). With a continually expanding, reputable international network of distributors and service centres, Marinefire offers excellent assistance and product guarantees worldwide

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Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm system. Compliant with EN54, EN60092, EN60533. Purpose designed for marine applications, particularly working boats and medium sized passenger vessels. Flexible design: up to 20 zones, 30 detector per zone.



An A60 class Marinefire Damper, custom sized and available in galvanized or stainless steel. The MFD Marinefire Damper is supplied with an electric or pneumatic actuator.



Marine Shield - a range of dampers to control air entry and exit, available with electrical or manual operation. An effcient and economical option.



A mist elimator acts as a storm louvre to separate the water from the air where sea spray entry into internal compartments is a problem. The Marine Mist Eliminator is extremely effcient and robust (approx. 99.9% effciency) and is built in a light weight anodised aluminium frame.

MARINEFIRE Suppression systems

Clean Agent Engineered Fire Suppression Systems for Marinefire Srl Yachts, Working Boat and Commercial Vessels over 24mt in length


For larger vessels (over 24mt) and commercial ships, without limit to the volume to be protected, MARINEFIRE produces custom designed engineered fire suppression systems with HFC-227, NOVEC 1230 or CO2. These systems are type approved MED - Shipswheel by Lloyds - MCA and MARINEFIRE’s qualified technical department offers full technical service from design and approva assistance to after sales support, all at a very competitive price.

HFC - 227

this extinguishing agent is a refrigerant, acting on the heat factor of a fire by cooling it rapidly (Marinefire systems are designed to extinguish a fire in less than 10 seconds after discharge). HFC-227 leaves no residue and is safe for equipment and personnel.

NOVEC 1230

is the latest generation in halon replacement extinguishants. NOVEC 1230 is effcient and rapid (less than 10 seconds to extinguish a fire) it has the added beneft of being extremely safe for the environment as well as people and equipment. The design concentration of NOVEC 1230 sits well below the NOEAL standards for safety to people. It can be transported in a liquid form, greatly facilitating and simplifying refilling of systems.


a traditional and economic extinguishing agent, CO2 acts on the oxygen content of combustion, to sufocate fire.


A new range of fixed fire suppression systems "ready to use" for engine rooms or other not normally occupied areas. Designed and developed for yachts up to 24 metres or up to a net compartment volume of 170 m3, these systems use extinguishing agent HFC-227. Marinefire Pre-engineered systems are easy to install inside the compartment and will extinguish a fire in less than 10 seconds after discharge. The extinguishing agent leaves NO residue, and is safe for both equipment and people. Marinefire Pre-engineered systems are available in manual, automatic, or manual and automatic versions. No piping is required and installation is achieved by fixing the provided cylinder bracket to the bulkhead (in a vertical or horizontal position). For greater protection, Marinefire offers an engine and ventilation shutdown system which activates automatically on discharge.

MARINEFIRE Detection systems

Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System for Yacht, Working Boats, Commercial & Passenger Ships, Military Vassels and Offshore Applications

A technogically advanced addressable fire detection and alarm system designed to be pratical and easy to use, yet sophisticated and innovative in its ability to detect smoke and fire. The system is controlled by a central computer which is programmed to monitor individually each separate compartment at regular intervals. A newly developed minutiarised control panel makes this flexible system ideal for yachts.

Fire detection system fully SOLAS compliant. The modularity makes it possible to configure a system that matches your needs in the most cost optimized way.

The cabinet’s compact design and location of the control panel from the cabinet greatly simplify installation in the yacht market.

The control panel is designed for simple and intuitive control. Variable levels of lighting and dierent colour help to maintain the user’s focus and the auto-adjustable backlight ensures optimal visibility whatever the light conditions. In the event of a system failure, a USB port located in the front of the panel allows the user to generate status report and to get rapid support from experts.

Every module is independent, allowing component replacement without aecting the reset of the detection system. other safety features are built-in redundancy, optimal disturbed system design and a control panel interface giving maximum support in case of an alarm or an emergency situation.

System is composed of an extended range of sensor: smoke detector, heat detector, combined smoke and heat detector, manual call point and general alarm button.

Optional white plastic cradle surrounds in which the sensors can be recessed thereby minimising their visibility in accommodation areas.

Sensors are continually monitored through the control panel and alarms or faults are flagged up in real time on the display.

ModBus protocol is available for integration with on-board computer & monitoring system.

Marinefire oers full technical support from project design, class approval coordination, software programming and start up (on board), commissioning and after-sales service.

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